​Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Concepts provides career counseling for all individuals interested in working. Whether you are interested in direct placement, vocational school, or college, having a vocational plan is paramount. Today’s job market is changing at a rapid pace due to automation, computer technology, and industry changes. Careers that exist today may not exist in the next 10 years.

Vocational rehabilitation counseling is for those individuals with disabilities that require specialized services for employment. Our counselors are all masters level Certified Rehabilitation Counselors. Our team has mental health counselors that understand how psychiatric disabilities affect a person’s ability to work in some environments. We are partners with the Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

What is a Vocational Evaluation for Vocational Rehabilitation?

The vocational evaluation is a collaborative process through which you and your evaluator will identify your abilities, interests, and skills. Usually, the evaluation lasts five hours. We first discuss your past work experiences, educational background, and medical history. You will then be administered a series of vocational assessments. You will complete some of these tests using a pen and paper and others using a computer. The results of these tests are used to guide the vocational exploration process. Once we identify realistic job goals, we then explore labor market trends, job openings and wages. Ultimately, the goal of the evaluation is to help you better understand your skills and abilities and how you can best apply them to develop a meaningful and rewarding career.

​Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation

A Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation is typically completed in one day. This service includes an interview, interest testing, academic testing, intelligence testing, aptitude testing, personality testing and identification of your work values. The evaluation incorporates comprehensive career exploration, labor market trends, and wage data to determine appropriate vocational goals and lasting employment options in todays fast changing job market.

Work Site Evaluation

This process can be a one or two-day process where you get to explore the world of work. It helps determine your ability to perform certain work tasks. We look at work tolerance, self-direction, the ability to follow oral instructions, and overall accommodations that may be needed in the workplace. This is used for those with either medical, mental health, or learning disabilities.

Simulated Skills Evaluation

This is a one-day evaluation that is different as we test work skills through simulating the work task. It may include computer skills testing, clerical tasks, hand tool and fine dexterity testing or other work tasks. You will still be given an interest assessment and academic testing to determine your academic level in which you are functioning. This evaluation is used for lower functioning clients or clients with special needs. This will help you and your counselor understand what services you will need from VR and what industry and job you may be best suited to work.

Successful Career Outcomes

Our experience will you lead you to successful career outcomes in returning to work or starting your work journey. We work closely with Vocational Rehabilitation to give you the best results!

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